How to use a Crystal Grid

grid layout

Working With a Crystal Grid

It is best to cleanse your crystals after each use. You may either set them out under a Full Moon overnight, or for several hours in sunlight. Or you may clean them with the smoke from burning sage. (Smudging).

To form a 5-sided Grid, place a crystal in each direction: North, South, East and West.

Place the fifth crystal in the center of the grid.

Activate the grid by pointing a crystal at the center crystal. Draw an imaginary band or rod of light out to the Crystal in the North over to East and from East back to the center.

You have made a triangle. The sequence is: Center, North, East and Center. Now re-trace a line of light back to East from the Center, over to South and back to Center.

The second triangle is complete and the new sequence is: Center, East, South and Center.

Next send the beam of light back to South and over to West and back to Center. The new sequence is Center, South, West, and Center. You have completed triangle three.Continue making the next triangle by sending the beam of light from Center back to West over to North and back to Center. Sequence is: Center, West, North, and Center. You now have completed the grid. Point your activating crystal at the center and repeat an invocation of your choice. (Or use the one included one below)

Invocation:"I request the Universal Light, the Life Force Energy to run through me for the Highest and Greatest Good for all concerned...for the light itself, the earth, the crystals and those willing to receive the light. I stand in gratitude for all. So be it!